Enabling Growth

After building my first internet projects when I was 13, entrepreneurship had me. I am passionate about building (technology) companies, together with amazing people.

Maximilian Fleitmann | Serial Founder & Entrepreneur

What i do all day long...

I love what I do and right now I am very lucky to be able to work in the roles I am best at.

Founder & Entrepreneur

Building stuff was always in my DNA. I have built and managed several companies and will continue to do so in the future.


I help other entrepreneurs launch and grow their business with capital and my expertise.

Learner & Maker

Learning new stuff really thrills me. From time to time I use this drive to build and launch cool things.

My passion topics

How to build and grow a start-up or project

Starting is hard. And growing is even harder. I have gone the whole journey myself and really like to share insights & learning so that you don't make the same mistakes I did.

Also make sure to check out the projects I am launching on ProductHunt!

SaaS, EdTech and Community Driven

I think a differentiator between a good and a great company is the amount of customer feedback you get. That is why I am mostly interested in companies with a strong customer base and amazing products, that really solve a problem.

Investing, Selling and Buying Businesses

What makes companies buy each other and is this your ultimate goal as a founder? I am fascinated by this question and share experiences out of the world of Private Equity, M&A and StartUp Fundraising.


Since 2013, I have started, invested in, and acquired companies & projects. Right now my main focus is on building a portfolio of profitable internet companies as a Founding Partner @ Wizard Ventures!

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Never stop learning!

To preach this mantra I regularly share my experiences & ideas. Make sure to check them out!

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